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Is FibreStream Internet secure?

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Wireless security

FibreStream wireless routers have security/encryption enabled. That means you’ll need to enter a password to connect to the wireless network before being able to access the Internet. This process is called authentication. It also means that when connected to the protected network, the information exchanged between your device and the router is encrypted.

If you’re using your own router, make sure wireless security is enabled on your network. Contact your router manufacturer for additional assistance.

WPA2: WPA2 is the most common wireless encryption used today and is recommended. WPA utilizes a pre-shared key (password) that is encrypted and virtually uncrackable. WPA3 is cutting-edge security which will be replacing WPA2 as more people start using WiFi 6.

WEP: WEP is an older wireless security method supported by most routers and is not recommended. WEP is mostly deprecated due to several flaws and vulnerabilities. If you are using WEP on your router we would recommend changing wireless security to WPA2.

WPS: WPS is a simple wireless encryption that can usually be activated with the push of a button. In 2011, major security flaws were discovered, so we don't recommend using this encryption type. WPS is also mostly deprecated.

How can I protect my devices?

Outside of wireless security, here are some ways you can protect your devices (and therefore yourself):

  • Have a passcode, and don’t share it with anyone else. Use a passcode that is impossible for someone else to guess. 
  • If you receive a message containing a link that looks suspicious for any reason, don’t click on it, even if the message seems to be coming from someone you know. Delete any link in a message that is asking you to provide personal information. In fact, if there's anything you don’t quite trust in an email, delete it.
  • When you’re browsing the web, be careful what you click on. Don’t install an app unless you know it’s safe. It’s best to use a trusted app store, and even then, do your research. Read the reviews. Don’t add anything to your device that you’re not sure about.
  • Keep your devices software up to date.
  • Don’t connect to open or unknown Wi-Fi network, especially if you are making financial transactions.
  • Change the default password on your router. If you’re using a FibreStream router, use these instructions. Otherwise, check your router manufacturer’s guide.
  • For privacy, consider using a VPN. A VPN encrypts your data and hides your IP address.

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