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Why can't I connect to FibreStream Internet?

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Basic troubleshooting

Here are a few simple things you can try:

  1. Make sure your router is powered on. You should see lights flickering on the front panel of the router. If no lights are on, check the power button on the router as well as the electrical outlet.
  2. Be sure your router is correctly connected to the FibreStream jack. The Ethernet cable should be connected to the “Internet” or “WAN” port of your wireless router. The Internet port is usually a different colour than the other network ports.
  3. Are you plugged into the right FibreStream jack? Only one jack is active in your unit at a time. The live jack may be located elsewhere.
  4. Is the Internet light green on your router? If you’re connected to the right jack, the Internet light should be lit up:

Help! My Wi-Fi network has disappeared. 

We suggest ensuring the following: 

  1. Your router is powered on. You should see lights flickering on the front panel of the router. If no lights are on, check the power outlet or the on/off switch/button on the back of your router. 
  2. Your router wireless button or switch is in the ON position. Routers typically have an ON/OFF switch or button to toggle the wireless radios (the wireless signal) being broadcast from your router. Make sure it’s set to ON.
    When set to ON, the wireless light on your router front panel will light up.
    If set to OFF, your devices won’t be able to find the wireless network and the wireless light on the panel will not be illuminated. 
  3. Your router hasn’t been reset to factory default. If you’ve reset your router to factory default by holding down the reset button, any custom settings will have been erased. This includes the wireless name and password of a router purchased from FibreStream. The wireless name and password will have reverted back to the router default.

    You can find the default wireless name and password printed on the router if you flip it over. So if you’ve changed your wireless name to “FibreStream is the best Internet Provider” and pressed reset, you’ll have to flip the router over to find the default wireless information again.

The Internet light on my router is amber/red. What can I do?

If your Internet light is red or amber, consider the following:

  1. It’s normal for the router to momentarily flash a red or amber light when initializing or starting up for the first time. Give it a few minutes – it should turn green.
  2. If it remains red or amber, it could be due to router misconfiguration. FibreStream requires the Internet type to be either “Dynamic IP” or “DHCP”. If the router is in bridge mode, it could result in an amber/or red light. 
  3. You can test your Internet connection by connecting your computer directly into the FibreStream wall jack without a router. If you can access the Internet when directly connected, the issue is probably specific to your router. If you're not using a FibreStream router, you can find our router manufacturer list here.
  4. If the red/amber light remains, please contact our support team

I can connect to the Internet, but only one of my devices can connect at the time. Why? 

If you can connect to the Internet and your router light is green but only one device can connect at a time, one of the following conditions may be true:

  1. Your router is in bridge mode. When a router is in bridge mode, the routing component of the router is disabled. That means only one device will be able to connect to the Internet.

    Make sure your router Internet type is set to “DHCP” or “Dynamic IP”. Some routers also have a control mode setting. It should be set to “Wireless Router” or "Routing" and not “Access point”. 
  2. The Ethernet cable running from the FibreStream jack to the router is plugged into the wrong router port. It should be plugged into the WAN or Internet port, not the LAN port. The Internet port is usually a different colour than the other ports.
  3. You have plugged in a network switch or an incompatible device (modem) directly to the FibreStream jack. A router will only work if it is directly connected to the FibreStream jack. If you want to install a network switch, it should be connected to a router, not directly connected to the FibreStream jack.

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