How do I upgrade my router firmware (TP-Link)?

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For older TP-Link router models, upgrading the firmware will reset the router to factory default. Once you reset your router to factory default, your wireless network name and password will be reset. You will need to use the default SSID and password to access the Internet (the default wireless SSID and password are printed onto the router. They will be located under or above the FibreStream sticker).

SSID: your wireless network name.
Wireless password/PIN: password.

Alternatively, you can plug your computer directly into the router using an ethernet cable to reset your router.

Once complete, you can change your wireless name and password.


TP-Link Archer C7 (V2), Archer C2 (V2), N300 (V2), N750 (V2), C20 (V4 & V5). 

The TP-Link C20 V5 does not have a username field for login. The password is 'admin1'.

To upgrade the firmware on your router

  1. Download the firmware for your wireless router. You can find the correct firmware for your router by searching your model name on the TP-Link website. Make a note about where this file is downloaded. (You will need to upload it to the router later.) 
  2. Open your internet browser. 
  3. Enter in your address bar.
  4. Enter "admin" as the username and "admin" as the password.
  5. In the menu options, select System Tools. 
  6. In the sub-menu, select Firmware Upgrade.
  7. Select Choose File.
  8. Select the file saved to your computer (in step 1). 
  9. Select Upgrade. 
  10. The router will upgrade the firmware and reboot. This may take several minutes. 
  11. Once the router has rebooted, you can use the default SSID and password to connect your wireless devices. If you would like to change your wireless name and password, see the instructions here.


TP-Link Archer C7 (V4 & V5)

  1. Open your internet browser. 
  2. Enter in your address bar.
  3. Enter "admin" as the password. 
  4. Select the Advanced tab.
  5. From the menu options, select System Tools. 
  6. From the sub-menus, select Firmware Upgrade. 
  7. Click Check for upgrade.
  8. If new firmware is available, click Upgrade. The firmware will download and install automatically. 

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