Is FibreStream Wi-Fi available in my amenities?

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If FibreStream is available in your building, Wi-Fi may be available in your amenities.

If free Internet service is available, “ Hotspot” will appear in the list of available networks in your building amenities area. A password will not be required to connect.

If it doesn’t show up exactly like that, it could be because some complimentary Internet services have a different wireless name or have been changed by building management. Some Internet connections provided in your condominium might have names like “ Party Room” or “ Gym” that do require a password to connect. 

If you’re prompted for a password and it isn’t listed near the router or in the room, please contact your property manager for more information. 

When you are connected to the Hotspot, a splash page will load and offer two options:

Connect Now: This is a limited connection for non-FibreStream customers that allows 2 hours of Internet use per 24 hours. Go ahead and enjoy 2 hours of free Internet – on us.

FibreStream Subscribers: Offers an unlimited connection to FibreStream subscribers with no time limit. Simply enter the email address associated with your FibreStream account when prompted and enjoy free Internet service. 

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