Is FibreStream good for gaming?

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FibreStream is directly peered with the most popular gaming networks to ensure the lowest possible latency – Blizzard/Activision, Riot Games, Valve, Axure (Xbox), Sony (PS4) and more. Our connection is made for gaming.

If you are a peer-to-peer (P2P) player, Internet speeds are important, especially upload. If you’re part of an online multiplayer group, the game is usually hosted by one player’s machine.

As a FibreStream customer, you can confidently volunteer your gaming console or machine as the host or server. Hosting a server requires fast upload speeds, and offers a great opportunity for your FibreStream connection to shine. Unlike most home internet services, FibreStream offers symmetrical upload and download speeds which is ideal for hosting a game or a server.

What is the best Internet setup for gaming? 

Latency is a very important metric for gaming. As such, we recommend connecting your gaming device via Ethernet cable to your wireless router. This will eliminate possible wireless interference and provide you with a more reliable gaming experience. If you’re unable to connect the device via Ethernet then ensure you’re using the 5Ghz Wi-Fi signal to reduce possible wireless interference.

What does ping and latency mean in gaming?

Ping is a function used by network devices to calculate the time it takes to reach another network device. Ping sends a signal to a device, and the receiving network device is expected to respond with its own ping. Ping is calculated in milliseconds.

Do you want to use the ping command? Check out our dedicated ping command article here.

Latency represents the “Round Trip Time” or the time required to reach the gaming server and back to the device running the video game using the ping function. The lower the latency, the faster your information is communicated to and from the gaming server, and the better the response time. 

Latency as a metric depends on the location of the server as well as the internet connection used by the hosting server. A good latency result depends on the type of game, but results under 60ms are considered good.

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