How do I watch television with FibreStream?

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FibreStream does not offer television service, but several Cable TV alternatives exist on the market, both free and paid.

Free Streaming services

CBC Gem: Provides a catalogue of CBC shows, documentaries and children's content. Also provides live TV streaming for local CBC channels.

CTV: Contains a large catalogue of TV shows and movies for streaming.

City TV: Provides a catalogue of TV and Movies. City TV Toronto channels are available for free.

Global TV: Contains a catalogue of free TV shows.

Tubi: Tubi provides a free catalogue of Movies and TV shows. This app is also available on Roku TV.

Pluto TV: Pluto also offers free television channels as well as a paid subscription service.

Over the air antenna:

If your television set is equipped with a TV tuner, you can use an antenna to acquire free channels over the air. Indoor or outdoor antennas can be purchased and attached to your television. The antenna enables you to scan and watch free channels available in your area. They can be purchased from Best Buy, Canada Computers or online through Amazon.

See the channels available in your area below:

Live Streaming (TV)

Stack TV: Stack TV is a paid subscription which provides you with a set of live TV channels. Stack TV is also available with an Amazon Prime subscription.

DAZN: DAZN is a paid subscription that offers live streaming of sports. NFL Game Pass, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Darts, Cricket, eSports, MLB Network, Boxing, Rugby Union, Horse Racing, Snooker, Fishing and Indoor Football.

River TV: River TV is a paid subscription that provides 33 channels for live TV streaming and on demand content.

Acorn TV:  Acorn TV is a paid subscription that provides a catalogue of British and UK shows on demand.

BritBox: BritBox is a paid subscription that provides a catalogue of British and UK shows.

Crunchy Roll: Crunchy roll is a free streaming service for Korean and Japanese anime. There is also an option for a paid premium subscription.

Netflix: Netflix is one of the most popular streaming service available. It has a large catalogue of TV shows, Movies and children's content.

Crave TV: Crave TV is similar to Netflix. It provides a catalogue of TV shows and Movies. It also provides some live TV content such as multiple Crave channels and HBO.

Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime Video contains a catalogue of TV shows and Movies. It is included in Amazon Prime memberships, but can also be acquired by separate sign up. Additional monthly subscriptions allow you to add live television.

Disney Plus: Disney Plus contains a large catalogue of Disney Movies and TV Shows for streaming.

Apple TV: Contains a large catalogue of TV shows specific to Apple TV.

Paramount Plus: Provides a catalogue of TV shows and Live TV Streaming for News.

YouTube Premium: Provides offline access, Ad-free & background play. Access to YouTube Premium music and YouTube original movies.

Roku TV: You must have a Roku media player or Roku Smart TV to access. Provides a wide variety of free and paid streaming services.

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